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Lack Center for the Arts


Dedicated to preserving the legacy of the classical realist movement

Home of The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art

Creating Old World Masters for a New World Future

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Lack Center for the Arts

  • Atelier Studio Program

  • Art galleries

  • Exhibit Halls

  • Event Space

  • Gift Shop

  • Tea & Sculpture Garden

  • Conference Room

  • Office Space

  • Storage Space

  • Ample Parking


Dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Classical Realist Art Movement established by founder, Richard F. Lack and furthering the education of artists in classical realism.


Committed to advancing the Classical Realist movement by preserving the history and teaching methods of the Atelier traditions.


  • To provide Atelier students and instructors a guaranteed and permanent place to exhibit their works.

  • To assist Atelier students and instructors with career and legacy building opportunities.

  • To offer the public access to this historic and cultural institution.


For centuries north light has provided serious artists with the best light source. North facing windows allow the artist to work all day on the same setting because the light stays the same and the artist does not have to chase the effects of the sun across the studio at different angles throughtout the day. Light above 6 feet is optimum.


Space Descriptions for the Atelier Studio Program

figurative model drawing/Painting room:  Dedicated space for drawing/painting live models. Need raised platform for model, open floor for easels, wall space to hang drawings and paintings. Model's dressing room. Natural and artificial lighting, including a skylight are paramount.


cast drawing/painting room:  Dedicated space for cast drawing and painiting in addition to anatomy and Charles Bargue Drawing Classes. Artificial lighting for multiple drawing stations including storage for casts and cast stations.

still life drawing/painting room:  Dedicated space for still life drawing and painitng. Artificial lighting for multiple drawing stations including still life stations and storage for stations.

studios for director and assistant director:  Dedicated working studio spaces for Director, Cyd Wicker and Assistant Director Laura Tundel to paint. 

20-30 individual studios for students:  Dedicated working studio spaces for students, separated by curtains or movable walls. Each studio to have natural light if possible; all to have artificial light.


illustration room including digital lab:  Dedicated space for Illustration classes, digital art classes and photography. Digital Lab to feature digital photography and computer equipment.

sculpture studio:  Dedicated space for teaching sculpture and housing specialized equipment.

framing studio:  Dedicated space for repairing and altering picture frames as well as teaching small groups how to professaionally frame paintings. The framing studio could be run and managed as a revenue producing service for the school.

youth arts space:  Dedicated space to teach young artists


library:  Dedicated space to house the existing collection of books with room to grow.

student store:  Dedicated space to sell art materials and supplies to students as well as the public. The student store would be run and managed as an income producing service for the school.

office space:  Office space for the director and staff.

general storage space:  General storage space for supplies, extra eastels, chairs, tables, etc. 


props closet:  Storage space dedicated for props.

janitor's closet:  Storage space cleaning suppllies including a mop sink.

Space Descriptions for the Center

art galleries:  One gallery will be dedicated to the Center's permanent collection and a second gallery dedicated to rotating and featured artist exhibits. Additional galleries are desired for specialty exhibits featuring student art, illustration, and sculpture and/or a dedicated gallery to the works of Richard Lack.

exhibit halls:  One hall will be dedicated to The Atelier history including the works of R.H. Ives Gammell, Gerome, Paxton, Lack and the Atelier Instructors. A second Hall may be dedicated to student art and youth art.

event space:  A large space that could accomodate up to 300 people for events would enable large exhibits and fundraising galas and events to take place. This space would provide a revenue stream for the center by leasing it out. An adjacent catering kitchen, separate bar, and a stage with projector and screen would make the space extremely desirable for other nonprofit events, galas, and weddings.


gift shop:  A separate gift shop would provide a space for artwork and other art-related items to be sold. This would provide a revenue stream for the center.


tea and sculpture garden:  An outdoor tea and sculpture garden would provide additional event space and display space for outdoor sculpture. The garden will provide an ideal area for the engraved bricks to be designed into the landscape. This space would also provide a revenue stream for the center by leasing it out for small events. 

conference room:  A dedicated conference room would provide space for meetings and conferences.


office space:  Office space for the Center director and staff.

storage space: General storage space for display stands, easels, tables, chairs, etc.


parking: Ample parking for students, instructors, staff and guests.

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