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Cyd Wicker
director - instructor - portrait artist
Cyd Wicker Photo

Cyd Wicker, Director and Full Time Instructor at The Atelier, attended West Texas State University in Canyon, Texas and Yale University School of Music and Art in Connecticut. While in college she was awarded an internship with the National Collection of Fine arts at The Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. 


Cyd studied with Richard Lack for five years and then taught with him from 1983 to 1992. Cyd co-directed The Atelier with Dale Redpath from 1992 to 2017. She has a long career as a portrait artist, beginning with commissioned portraits of presidents Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for the Presidential Museum. 

Nationally, her works hang in both private and public collections including Hennepin County Medical Research Center, the Federal Court Buildings in St. Paul and Minneapolis, the Judicial Center in St. Paul, The University of St. Thomas Scool of Law, The Federal Sentencing Commission in Washington D.C. and Federal Courts in Miami, Florida.


Cyd in Studio HR
Sampling of Cyd's Paintings
clinton cyd wicker.jpg
President Bill Clinton
earl_larson cyd wicker
reagan cyd wicker
President Ronald Reagan
kathleen-blatz cyd wicker.jpg
carter cyd wicker.jpg
President Jimmy Carter
edward_devitt cyd wicker
terrence-murphy cyd wicker
james-lavin cyd wicker
artists-studio cyd wicker
the-wizards-familiar cyd wicker
fall-harvest cyd wicker.jpg
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