Founding father
Richard F. Lack
  • established Atelier Lack in 1969, teaching the Atelier tradition

  • retired from teaching in 1992

  • Coined the term "Classical realism"

  • Co-founded The American Society

     of Classical Realism  

  • Founded the Contemporary (20th-21st Century) Atelier Movement

  • Founded the Realist Movement

  • passed september 21, 2009, leaving behind his legacy

A Lasting Legacy

Richard Lack was a lover and preserver of tradition in a century that was bent on its destruction.

During a time when undistorted representational fine art was ridiculed, the art and teaching of Richard Lack provided a living link to the great traditions of the Old World Masters that had almost disappeared.

Lack firmly believed that beauty and technical skills were the foundation upon which all great art is built. His teaching has enabled many younger artists to paint with a refinement and skill that would have otherwise been impossible.  

Photos of Lack 
Select Paintings by Lack
Golden Apples of the Sun 1987
Metamorphosis of the Gods 1986/87
Medea 1970
Day of Wrath 1990
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