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changing needs
To respond to the demands of the changing art world we are expanding our curriculums
in Illustration & Fantasy, Sculpture & Youth Arts.
We are also making room for additional students in our traditional Atelier program.
expanding art education
Illustration & fantasy
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youth arts
  • The Atelier’s curriculum is growing to meet the needs of students to respond to the demands of our evolving culture.  


  • After 25 years in the Fisk Building, the organization has outgrown its space.


  • Rent continues to increase.


  • Students and instructors do not have permanent exhibit or display space for their artwork.


  • Youth and sculpture classes, workshops and special events are currently held in the kitchen/break area for lack of adequate space.


  • The public does not have suitable access to experience this cultural treasure.


  • Opportunities for providing revenue producing spaces and services are not available at the current location.

To accomodate this growth Lack Center for the Arts will feature

custom designed spaces to include

Atelier Drawing
Existing Classrooms have limited space
and are often required for multi-use purposes,
making it difficult for scheduling
 classes and completing multi-day projects.
  • Studio Windows with Northern Light

  • Figure Drawing/Painting Classroom

  • Cast Drawing/Painting classroom

  • Still life drawing/painting classroom

  • Illustration Classroom with Digital Lab

  • Sculpture studio

  • Studios for Director & assitant Director 

  • 20-30 Individual Student Studios

  • Framing Studio

  • Youth Arts Space

  • Library

  • STudent Store

  • Student Lounge

  • Office and Storage space

  • Props Closet

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