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Based on an aesthetic philosophy in direct lineage to the Boston School of American Impressionists and the French Academy,

The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Arts, Directed by Cyd Wicker,

teaches students how to master the fundamental principles in the classical discipline of realistic drawing and painting.

cast drawing

full time program

Completion of the full time program provides the student with a solid foundation of knoweledge and experience to pursue a career as a professional painter and/or a teacher.

The four year curriculum includes cast drawing and painting, still life drawing and painting, portraiture and interior painting. A fifth year is optional and covers illustration and imaginative.

Typically the morning hours are devoted to drawing and painting from live models and afternoons are tailored for each student according to their level of proficiency

Generally, a student's training includes all levels of drawing and painting, composition, memory drawing, color, color theory and anatomy.

Cyd Teaching

Goals of the Program

  • To train painters in the methods of the     Atelier tradition.

  • To preserve the history of the Atelier    traditions and keep their legacies alive.

  • To promote the importance of classical realism in art education.

First Year

Cast Drawing and Painting

Second Year

Still Life Drawing and Painting

Third Year

Portraiture and Still Life Painting

Fourth Year

Portraiture and Interior Painting

Optional Fifth Year

Interior and Imaginative Painting

Creating Old World Masters

for a New World Future

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