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Imaginative Realism Illustrator

Art is a way to make an idea visible, a visual narrative.

With illustration, and imaginative art specifically, I get to ask the question,“What if?” After that it’s a matter of combining play and work. Each seed of an idea offers so many possibilities, and the final illustration is just one version. At some point I have to stop asking, “What if?” and choose what narrative I want to show. I want to show you the possibilities, the colors, the light of the world around us because that’s what I pull from to make my pictures. I want to delight you with color and whimsy, move you with drama of action and light, or simply make you smile.


As my second go-round of schooling I attended The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art and completed the 5-year program in 2011 with a focus on imaginative art. Now I work as a freelance artist in which I blend my graphic design skills with art. I also teach classes at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis. Classes include Gesture, Color Theory, Illustration, Portrait, and Costumed Figure Drawing & Painting.


For care and feeding of my imagination I attend figure and portrait drawing co-ops, get out in nature, and follow the rabbit trails of anything that catches my interest.

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Christine Fantasy
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